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Fitech stuck injector

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FiTech Fuel Injection 10062 - FiTech Fuel Injectors FIF-10062. Not Yet Reviewed. Part Number: FIF-10062. Estimated Ship Date: Monday 6/20/2022. $44.00. Overview .... Removing stuck- up fuel injector of Hyundai matrix using DIY Tools Tools needed: hammer open Removing stubborn injectors How To Remove A Diesel The stuck bad fix repair Seized Removal. "/>.

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Got my FiTECH 400HP setup installed this weekend. Just finished, and it's not firing/starting. I have an external fuel pump. Fuel is getting to the unit, at least up to the connector on the throttle body. I hear fuel injectors "click" when key comes on. All wiring is as directed. White Wire = Key 12 V. Blue Wire = Tach (spliced into HEI white. Banned. Joined Nov 7, 2013. 1,253 Posts. #2 · Jun 26, 2019 (Edited) Even though the article suggests it not a fuel quality issue, I'd strongly suspect something in the fuel supply causing a wide spread issue. I suppose it's possible the LS3 in AUS received different injectors, but that is a very unlikely. C.

The Mass Air EFI (89-93) are dependable and offer excellent street performance and reliability when properly maintained. That means no broken parts or shoddy workmanship when you build and assemble the engine and electronics. There is room to grow the stock computer's performance range with aftermarket add-on modules and tuners.

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Here's my set up: Fitech controlling the 86 pin voltage on the fuel pump relay. 12 V sent to the pin when cranking (verified with multimeter) 12V sent to the 30 pin of the fuel pump relay (verified with multimeter) Wiring to the fuel pump comes from 87 pin. NO voltage sent to pin 87 when the Fitech tries to activate the relay (cranking the car). FPR is inside the intake. Can't check the diaphragm condition unless intake is off. 2. If fpr is good, injector/s could be leaking or stuck open. but it will cause a rich condition on the exhaust as detected by o2 sensor. 3. Fuel pump built in check valve is stuck open causing loss of fuel pressure during priming.

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